I have just started my holiday here and I am so happy. I have spent the day with my partner strolling around just to finish the day with a meal on the beach. The meal was amazing and the view outstanding.  I feel so blessed today and can't wait for what tomorrow brings.  Gracia' Italia.


Thought Tatting

I did some tatting today. I found these gorgeous beads at hobby craft and had to give them a go. I loved just zoning out into the basic pattern and wanted to share my find

Adorable Amigurumi Voodoo Doll

You HAVE to try this gorgeous pattern. If you can crochet you can create lovely little figures. This pattern is fairly easy to follow although I suggest using a circular knitting marker to help you figure out when the round ends. You can get the pattern for this guy here. If you like these patterns... Continue Reading →

Druador – Episode 3

A snap, a rustle and the soft rumbling of a torch. Druador perched up from his bedroll his ears twitched to various different directions listening intently to these distinct sounds that penetrated through the unnatural silence. The silence didn't feel nearly as exceptional when paired with the strong light from the moon. He could count... Continue Reading →

Druador – Episode 2

He had been traveling for approximately three tendays. Well, exactly three tendays, he always had a talent for timekeeping and these woods were a clock to him. Over the past couple of days, his stride had changed from a relaxed pilgrimage to a commanded pace. He had a swelling feeling within his chest that something... Continue Reading →

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