Druador – The journey begins

The forest floor had a strange calm to it that morning. Druador hunkered up rubbing the dust from his eyes and yawning loudly. The ground rumbled somewhat as the sound from it penetrated deep into the earth. Shifting his weight slightly he pulled his large frame up, he had never been the tallest in his tribe although 7 1/2 ft wasn’t bad when you also possessed the reflexes to go with it.
He started his day as always, first opening his rations and eating several small berries, then taking a large gulp from a fur covered waterskin. The next part was most important, closing his eyes and taking a large breath he listened to everything. The tree’s swaying, the birds addressing each other and the soft thud of a panther’s paw caressing the undergrowth. These sounds calmed him and he found himself smiling as he opened his eyes. He had decided the night before that he should begin his journey around his forest. It could take several months to navigate them all and he had been planning for nearly as many.
He grabbed together his bedroll and got his backpack, turned and let his eyes settle in on the beauty of his forest.


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