Flying Minor Norwegian Dragons

This pattern is GORGEOUS!!!! I cannot believe that this was so easy to put together. Literally, an evening of tatting and you could have yourself your own little dragon mat. The best thing about this pattern was its customizability. The author even encourages you to try picot placings.


My Plan:

Make 2 a month and assemble them. Once arranged stitch together to form a gorgeous sofa throw. Ill be using large cotton as im worried a skinnier thread would get damaged. I will definately uplaod a picture once it’s done. This is going to look gorgeous x


You can get the pdf of the pattern by clicking this link. You can also check out this designer’s amazing blog, here. It is written in German but I had so much fun just clicking the links and seeing if any patterns came up.

I really hope you give this pattern a go and as always, Stay Awesome!


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