Student Funding! and new video release.

I have gone through a little list of financial tips that I use in every day life. Since starting university and realising how little loan I would get I thought I could make a video to help other students, mature or otherwise.


Another Life blog

Well ive had some good news and bad news this week. I completed my budget for university and realised very quickly the problems that most student face in this country. I had to do something to relax and thought i would create this image. ive always loved drawing insects with their twisted shapes and warped... Continue Reading →

Youtube Lifestyle and Catchup

  Hello everyone! I have not updated in a while. I've been busy getting the flat together and everything organised for university. i start next monday eeeek. I thoght i would update quickly and let everyone know that I am going to attempt a weekly video series themed around student artists.  If you like the... Continue Reading →

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