Student Funding! and new video release.

I have gone through a little list of financial tips that I use in every day life. Since starting university and realising how little loan I would get I thought I could make a video to help other students, mature or otherwise.


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Well ive had some good news and bad news this week. I completed my budget for university and realised very quickly the problems that most student face in this country. I had to do something to relax and thought i would create this image. ive always loved drawing insects with their twisted shapes and warped... Continue Reading →

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Youtube Lifestyle and Catchup

  Hello everyone! I have not updated in a while. I've been busy getting the flat together and everything organised for university. i start next monday eeeek. I thoght i would update quickly and let everyone know that I am going to attempt a weekly video series themed around student artists.  If you like the... Continue Reading →

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It has been about two weeks since my last upload. I can't believe I have managed to cram in everything I had to do. I have moved homes (hence the lack of blog posts) and I met my latest nephew. He was so amazing. I have had many plans for this blog so far. Tell... Continue Reading →

O’Puledrone and the Marina Grande

I have just eaten the most exquisite meal of grilled fish in an amazing restaurant at the Marina Grande. The staff where friendly and helpful and the food was to die for a definite 10 out of 10. The walk home was amazing and the views spectacular. We met another couple on the way home... Continue Reading →

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