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Well ive had some good news and bad news this week. I completed my budget for university and realised very quickly the problems that most student face in this country. I had to do something to relax and thought i would create this image. ive always loved drawing insects with their twisted shapes and warped... Continue Reading →

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Thought Tatting

I did some tatting today. I found these gorgeous beads at hobby craft and had to give them a go. I loved just zoning out into the basic pattern and wanted to share my find

Adorable Amigurumi Voodoo Doll

You HAVE to try this gorgeous pattern. If you can crochet you can create lovely little figures. This pattern is fairly easy to follow although I suggest using a circular knitting marker to help you figure out when the round ends. You can get the pattern for this guy here. If you like these patterns... Continue Reading →

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